BlueSkye.Life is an independent, campaigning and working organisation which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems mostly in untreated landfill areas in 3rd world countries. It creates waste management solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future. BlueSkye.Life’s goal is to nurture life in all its diversity and our earth to survive the urbanisation challenges on waste management and treatment.

The organisation consists of BlueSkye.Life Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland and BlueSkye.Life offices around the world. currently has a presence in many independent national and regional offices across the world. It is setting up operations in every country, which include waste-to-power facilities, orphanages and schools. national or regional offices are licensed to use the name BlueSkye or BlueSkye.Life. Each office is governed by Foundation which appoints a local representative (called a trustee).

Trustees meet once a year to agree on the long-term strategy of the organisation, to make necessary changes to governance structure, to set a ceiling on spending for International’s budget and to elect the International Board of four members and a chairperson to our operational board (board of all the local offices). Foundation monitors the organisational development of offices, oversees the development and maintenance of our waste management facilites, coordinates planning and implementation of our global campaigns, and monitors compliance with core policies.

The International Board (board of local offices) approves the annual budget of Foundation and its audited accounts. It also takes part of appointing and supervising the International Executive Director who, together with senior managers, and consulting widely with national office staff, leads the organisation. is committed to the principles of non-violence, political independence and internationalism. In exposing threats to the environment and in working to find solutions, is active to create co-operative network and to work with anyone seriously wanting and willing to do the next step towards cleaner environment and fight against the waste problem.

Opening a new office, or appointing a representative in a country in which we do not have an office, is an organisation-wide decision, which has to be agreed upon by our International Board and approved by our international Annual General Meeting. does not easily adopt, incorporate or otherwise subsume existing organisations into its structure. We want to keep our operational stance clean, independent and transparent. Like every organisation, we have to work within our budget, and due to limited financial and human resources, we have to be selective in our decisions as to where to open new offices. Development or expansion is also subject to certain essential campaign criteria. We will only open a new office if this is in line with the strategic priorities of the organisation. has recently established an office in Philippines. We are planning to open at least 3 new offices in the near future.

The name “ ” is an internationally registered trademark belonging to Foundation in the Switzerland, and therefore the use of the name requires permission. Once a decision has been taken to open a new office, Foundation enters into a licensing agreement with the new office, allowing that office to use the name The use of this name is conditional upon fulfilling a whole range of obligations upon the international organisation.

We hope that you will not find this discouraging because we are always open for listening suggestions of expansion, and that you and/or your organisation will continue in its aims to explore environmental issues further with us. You can help BlueSkye.Life in many ways – by volunteering your time or services to an existing BlueSkye.Life office or online on our website www.BlueSkye.Life, or by getting involved as a BlueSkye cadet, as our areal defender of nature . We appreciate every offer of help.

Climate change and the global energy crisis threaten the lives and livelihoods of billions of people worldwide. Ninety-seven per cent of climate scientists agree that human activities produce greenhouse gases that are heating the planet. The primary sources of greenhouse gases are the untreated massive landfills, burning of fossil fuels for energy -like oil powered power stations, industry and transport, industrial agriculture, and deforestation. There are solutions to the climate crisis but we must act now. This warming is having a devastating effect on our planet, causing heatwaves, floods, droughts, storm surges, rising seas and more intense storms. The results include crop failures, wildfires, loss of lives, homes and livelihoods – hitting the poorest and most vulnerable hardest.The climate crisis combines with an energy crisis that leaves 1.1 billion people without access to electricity. This same energy crisis forces a corporate model of dirty energy on communities who need access to safe, clean energy, this energy source is what we are bringing to them.

Unsustainable economic and development models, based on fossil fuels and other destructive energy sources, and the concentration of power over energy goods and services in the hands of the wealthy few, drive these crises.

BlueSkye.Life is part of a growing, diverse and effective global movement to resist dirty energy, champion alternative energy sources, and push for climate justice. We are fighting to stop corporate win-margiin based energy monopoly from wrecking the climate.

All over the world, the fight against #DirtyEnergy is growing, and calls for climate justice and a energy transformation on sustainable direction are getting louder. Each year, BlueSkye.Life expands the possibilities for clean sustainable energy that supports the local economy and children. Join us. Together we can fight the climate emergency

Clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene practices are essential for the survival and development of children. Today, there are around 2.4 billion people who do not use improved sanitation, and 663 million who do not have access to improved water sources. Without these basic needs, the lives of millions of children are at risk. For children under five, water- and sanitation-related diseases are one of the leading causes of death. Every day, over 800 children die from preventable diseases caused by poor water, and a lack of sanitation and hygiene. BlueSkye. Life’s water, sanitation and hygiene team works in all of the countries worldwide where we have operations to improve water and sanitation services, as well as basic hygiene practices. BlueSkye. Life and its efforts are to provide clean water and basic toilets in all areas where it has operations, free of charge for the local people. In times of this waste crisis children are particularly vulnerable; BlueSkye. Life responds and provides emergency relief to complete areas what it is developing and to those in need.

Education offers children a ladder out of poverty and a path to a promising future. But about 264 million children and adolescents around the world do not have the opportunity to enter or complete school. They are thwarted by poverty, discrimination, armed conflict, emergencies and the effects of climate change. BlueSkye. Life believes that every child has the right to an education regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money their family has. In every country around the world, where BlueSkye. Life has waste management facilities it works to provide learning opportunities that begin in early childhood and prepare every child with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive.

We work hard to ensure those suffering the impacts of poverty and abuse, especially orphaned and abandoned children, are given the love and care they so desperately need. With an estimated 150 million orphans globally our work has just begun. The issue with children without parents and people around them is severe, we believe in true caring, giving back to the society where we work in. Part of all of the money we make by turning the waste into electricity goes directly for building, safeguarding and developing the BlueSkye Orphanages and schools in the area. We aren’t just financing the projects but ACTIVELY taking part by providing European teachers and teaching equipment to the children in our care.

We are 100% non profit organisation and proud of making the life to a better place to live. Our donations are used directly for developing and processing the waste management facilities, we ask now donation from the council, city or government to build our facilities but will produce this totally without cost, normally the community provides us the lot to operate. We start developing the waste matter by turning it to energy, electricity, without producing any hazardous fumes to the environment. All the electricity is sold to support the grid and areal production. The money cumulated from the sales of the electricity is used 100% to produce new waste treatment units and building schools and orphanages to the area. We hire local staff to work with us on our facilities and train them with our staff. we will stay supporting these areas and create happy lives and smiling faces.

Our supporters are our strength. BlueSkye. Life is proud to partner with a wide variety of businesses, groups, governments and individuals all providing unique contributions supporting our nature cleaning, waste management projects and therefore helping to build consistent life, orphanages and schools for areas with low means, both new areas internationally and at the places we already operate. If you or your company, community, priority club etc is interested to work with us, please send us a mail at support@BlueSky. Life .