Welcome to join BlueSkye Foundation

We stand out from the others by being a NON-PROFIT organisation. We simply handle the unmanaged waste in the areas not capable to handle it on their own. On waste removal process we take care of all of the cost, the service is free for the selected communities who seek our assistance. All income from the any sales or profits we might make goes back to developing the local communities and new facilities globally. This is unique and the most charitable way of helping communities clean their nature and break the poverty cycle. More significantly, the world will benefit from cleaner air and oceans.

We work in co-operation with financial institutions and donators that share our values about cleaner and healthier world. Donators and investors can see exactly where the money is being spent and how it is changing the communities for the better. Take time to Browse this info through and think how we could help your community. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask more.

Together we can really make a difference!

Yours sincerely

Mikko Antila

President / CEO BlueSkye Foundation Geneve, Switzerland